The Healing Cream from Bethel Botanicals

a natural, organic alternative for Radiation Therapy in cancer treatment

made to soothe, heal, nourish, renew and protect our skin.


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healing cream The Healing Cream works for:      
  • radiated skin
  • babies' skin
  • sensitive skin
  • dry skin
  • aging skin
  • normal skin
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The Healing Cream is is made with natural, mostly organic, ingredients. It was first designed as a therapeutic herbal cream for skin that was being radiated.
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The Healing Cream contains no artificial preservatives, and no petroleum distillates, no parabens, no lauryl sulfate.  
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The Healing Cream is effective for the needs of cancer patients undergoing radiation, for women's concerns, for use when gardening or doing rough work, for babies' delicate and sensitive skin, and also for general moisturizing. Using it is a gift to ourselves! Try The Healing Cream and find out for yourself.

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